Thursday, October 16, 2008


This afternoon I took the family to the beach. I threw a surfboard in the car just in case, which made Judah really excited. So when we got there he wanted to go to the water, and he wanted me to bring the surfboard. The 56 degree water didn't bother him at all.

Here is a sitting reverse paddle out one-hander.

Here is Judah flopping backward on his first wave (the pic doesn't show him recover from this, but he did!).

Here is a video of his 2nd wave. He loved it.

Monday, October 6, 2008

the fall

"the fall" as in the season that follows summer, not the sinfulness of mankind (that's a topic that's best had in person, not on a blog, right?). here are some photos from a day here on the central coast that resembled fall. I am sure we have a lot of sunshine left and time for some Indian Summer action which I enjoy, but Katie really loved the gloomy weather, so that was cool. You know your spoiled when you look forward to rain.

here is my boy judah with slobber on his chin (drool runs in the family, sorry son).

jumping over the cracks, so we don't break mama's back!

judah roots for the cubs, and so do I. this day happened to be there last game of the season (they lost again, ouch).

3 cheers for the fall [season]!

ps - photos generously taken by my good friend & talented photog ken kienow. -thanks KK!