Wednesday, April 23, 2008

happy birthday kate

we recently celebrated katie's 27th birthday. It's ok to say "27" were not afraid of age, right katie?

ok, I didn't post this earlier b/c I know my wife doesn't like everyone fussing over her. But it's fun to keep celebrating her, she's worth it. I thought I'd tell two truths and a lie about her, and you the reader can play along at home by guessing what the lie is:

1) she's the worlds SLOWEST reader (not because she's dumb, she's very smart), because she tries to read in bed and falls asleep every night. She averages 1 book every lunar eclipse.

2) she's grew up in a town called Bodfish (good luck finding that on a map!)

3) she celebrated her 14th birthday with her mother & grandma Mimi at Euro Disney with Madame & Monsieur Mouse

The first person to buzz in the with the correct answer will be able to come over to my house and pick out not one, but TWO articles of clothing from my closet.

Good Luck Contestants!