Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hunger Strike...

Judah's bug is hanging on for dear life. Either that, or he has decided to operate a full-fledged hunger strike. We're going on day 7 of his strange new eating habits. Every meal/snack makes me anxious, but the nurse on the phone keeps telling me that as long as he's hydrated we're doing ok. Part of me wonders if they just don't want to see us because holiday starts tomorrow and they've got to be swamped. But the other part of me is challenged to trust the doctor and our good God and just be patient with the little guy. As we speak Judah has been sitting in his high chair for about 20 minutes picking at cheerios, banana and a blueberry muffin.
The whole sick thing has caused me to do several things that I have been trying avoid. 1) No refined sugar... that flew out the window in desperation to get something into him. 2) No Videos/TV... he's in love with Tiny Love's DVD Magiq. Shockingly he is alive and happy.
A couple of discoveries... as the gang on Seinfeld discovered, the muffin top is definitely the best part, even Judah agrees. I have a problem... Joey and I went on a date the other night and he had to tell me that we weren't allowed to talk about poop. Now if someone has to tell you not talk about poop there's obviously something wrong.
Pray for us!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Montezuma's Revenge...

UGH... Being sick sucks! So any of you lucky enough to not be battling the stomach flu right now are stoked. Joey and I got hit with it on Monday night. It was kind of this unfolding mystery as to what it was that we got. You see, Joey offered to make dinner on Monday night as I was scurrying to take a long awaited shower before Bible study. He made killer turkey burgers, I couldn't believe it but he even made grilled onions to top them off. Those of you who know Joey well, know that he doesn't cook. When I was pregnant with Judah we ate cereal and quesadillas for the first 4 months, so this was an event. By the time I got home from Bible study Joey had already "been sick" and I was quite nauseous. I decided that it must have been the turkey. So after spending the night alternating bathroom trips we decided that Joey should stay out of the kitchen. That was until we discovered that most of the attendees of Lucy Anselm's 1st birthday party were also sick. Mystery solved, and sorry honey... you're a great cook and you're so not off the hook now.
Pray for little Judah, he's battling the runs and isn't happy about it. If he doesn't turn the corner tomorrow I think we'll have to go in to see Dr. Thomspon. He's refusing most food and liquids as of today. But he's a tough kid and still has a smile on his face.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Harvest Fun...

We have had a wonderful week together as a family. As we're all recovering from a cold, Joey is doing business locally this week which has made for a fun-packed week of family time. We took Judah to the Avila Barn on Tuesday. He was very interested in the animals, but when the sheep started bleating like crazy he turned his bottom lip out and in the cutest way possible whimpered, so we headed to a quieter bunch of donkeys. Joey and I decided to indulge in some homemade ice cream and something came over me and I just had to give Judah a bite of my pumpkin cone. His first response was a sour face, probably because of the cold, but then he wouldn't leave me alone... so much for keeping him sugar-free. But it was so fun to see the delight on his face. Halloween was also enjoyable, as you can see, we have the cutest snapping turtle in the whole world. Judah loved seeing all the kids in their costumes who came to our door and was such a good sport with the whole costume thing. We had a blast and look forward to more holidays to come.