Tuesday, November 10, 2009

word to your mother

this blog is dedicated to all the mom's out there, and especially my wife (who is currently tied with my mother + her mother for the world's #1 mom. It's a classic 3-way tie).

A couple of weeks ago my wife had to go out of town for 4 days to be with her family in Southern CA, which meant that I was on my own with the kids for 4 days. And when I say "on my own" I mean I only had 2 shifts of people helping me each day (a big THANK YOU to Megan Siems, Jenn Avila, Aunt Jamie, my Mom, and Katie's Mom who all helped me survive). And when I say I was responsible for the kid's well being, I mean that I had to feed them (Katie prepared all of the food), bathe them (optional), do laundry, clean the kitchen, do the dishes. Let's just say there wasn't much time left over to watch Judge Judy.

It was tough. I found myself deprived of sleep, and then they wake up so early in the morning wanting to eat breakfast, then you have to clean them, dress them, and get them ready for whatever comes next. I would realize around 1 or 2 pm that I hadn't even had time to eat. Its like they were holding me hostage, and they weren't following the basic rules of the Geneva Convention on Human rights to eat, sleep, use the restroom, shower, etc.

But it was such a great time with my kids. They make me very happy and proud, so I was very thankful for that extra time I had with them. But I was even more thankful that my wife came home. I came away with a greater appreciation for what she (and mom's everywhere) do each day after day after day. She has the more difficult job by far. It reminded me of that well known Proverb about a woman of wisdom, strength, compassion, integrity, hard work, and inner beauty.

"Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her: 'Many women have done excellently, but YOU [Katie] surpass them all.'"


Jamie said...

Joey you make me laugh so much! I laughed so much reading this and then at the end, got a little tear in my eye. I fully agree, you have got one amazing wife/mother to your kids. I also think mom, katie and jeanie tie for #1 mom award. and last but not least how awesome is it to be reminded of your wife when you reflect on the proverbs 31 woman!

Dave, Kristal & Wes said...

So sweet.

Kylerito said...

Great story Joey!!!! I am beginning to understand the whole mom thing.. but, I can't imagine taking care of 2! Go Katie!!! (from Jen)

Erica.Michelle. said...

I LOVE this post :) She sure is one great, amazing woman and such a hot mama! Love you guys.

Linda Z said...

So glad you got a motherhood weekend to experience all the joys and frustrations! Katie is a great mom, and you're a great dad, too! :)

Catalina said...

Joey, you always make me smile. your wife is awesome:)